10k for Mind: Training Update 3 (Back to Running and ASBO Teenagers)

I’ve finally resumed my training this week! Which I am clearly really happy about as you can see below…


Monday 6th March 2017


Exactly 17 days after my last training session, I laced up my running shoes and got outside with a sense of trepidation about how well my run would go after my absence…

…thankfully it didn’t turn out too bad in the end. As you can see, I managed 6km at a pace of 5’53” per km which I was satisfied with – still under the magic 6’00” mark.Run2

The only thing I was disappointed with was how my times fell away in splits 3, 4 & 5.

Although in my defence, I won’t get stuck behind a bunch of kids resembling the Inbetweeners drinking in the street at the actual event – I hope!


Wednesday 8th March 2017


I pleasantly surprised myself with this run! Run3

I managed my furthest distance so far – 8.22km at a pace of 5’41” per km.

There were no ASBO teenagers on this run thankfully!

I think the images below (however unflattering!) tell a good story of how this one went – I’m shattered!

Glad to be back training though and looking forward to updating you all next time with a full week’s worth of runs.

Until next time…



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